Forget Love, I’d Rather Fall In Chocolate – A Complex Love Story

OK you guys, this is just a new story that I’ve been wanting to write for ages but couldn’t find the time to write it. But, here it is! If you don’t like it, it’s OK, just silently leave this page. If you do like it though, I’ll love you forever. xx

Forget Love, I’d Rather Fall In Chocolate.

Prologue: Baby Girl.

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I'd rather fall in Chocolate

So once upon a time, a fat baby was born. She wasn’t named until she was a one year old, when she fell out of her crib and her parents had to write down her name for a form in order for her to get checked over by a pediatrician called Wendy Sue. They decided to call her Leah because it was the first thing to come to Bea’s mind and it was also Harris’ favourite singer at the time. They welcomed Leah Zee to the world after Bea and Harris Zee were convinced that Baby Girl didn’t have a concussion and would live to be a healthy little girl.

For years after that, little Leah fought to gain her parent’s attention and approval. It didn’t happen until the day she stepped foot in Bayside High School.

Chapter 1: The I.T. Girl

“Leah. Hey.”

How did anyone know my name already? I look back, and there right in front me, was God. Well, maybe not God (I mean really, GOD?) but a human so perfect he looked like he was made from a test tube or as a result of a science experiment. Wait, I think, how does-

“How do you know my name?” I ask.

“Erm… I’m your cousin,” He says, puzzled. “Levi. Remember?”

I stand there, shocked. This is Levi? The same Levi who I used to jump on trampolines in diapers with? It can’t be. I knew that Levi is attending the same school I recently transferred to, but I mean, is this really him?

“Oh. Right. So, wow, you’ve grown!” I say without thinking. Oh God, I can’t believe I thought he was… That I imagined… Ugh. Very uncomfortable thoughts.

“Well, that does tend to happen.”

I laugh nervously.

“So, erm… Aunt Bea told me to be your school guide or something.” He says with a smile, “You know, so you wouldn’t get lost. Like last time.”

Oh no. He’s talking about the summer when we were having this family-bonding thing at this vaguely located camp-near-a-lake place called Camp Apple Views. We had to partner up for a treasure hunt, and, being a gutsy nine-year-old with far too big of a head, I decided to go treasure hunting alone and, of course, I got lost. Fortunately, Levi (who was apparently a much more wiser nine-year-old) found me, curled up near a tree, tears streaming down my face and scared to death. This story has been repeated an uncountable number of times during family gatherings, and people make it seem as if I owe Levi a big one. I guess I do, but I hate owing people things. Especially to him.

“Haha you’re very funny Levi, honestly.” I say.

“Hey, I’m the school guide here, do you want to get lost on the first day? It’s a big school, you know.” He says, “and plus, this is only orientation.”

I looked around. Well, it does seem big. Maybe this ‘guide’ thing isn’t such a bad idea.

“OK, fine. Where do we start?”

Well, truth be told, it is a big freaking school. I couldn’t seem to get my bearings, and there was even a map for us, which was very ‘Mean Girls’ of the school. I told this to Levi and he jokingly drew tables and labeled them like in the movie.

OK, if any of you are wondering, I am NOT fantasising about Levi. He’s my cousin and that’s just wrong. WRONG. I shudder at the thought of-


What? I turn around, to find a mess of books and papers on the floor, and an angry dude looking crossly at me, expecting me to do something.

“Erm…” I try to formulate a sentence, but at that moment, I couldn’t remember a thing. That face. Those eyes. That hair. I know him from somewhere.

“Do I-”

“Are you-?”

We both start talking at the same time, but (how rude of him) he continues, without saying ‘you first!’, “Are you going to help clean this up?”

Without thinking, I bend down and hurriedly pick up most of his books. Why? I have no idea. Probably because I’m some lame pushover.

I hand them over. “Erm, you’re welcome?” I say.

Instead of an apologetic/amused ‘thank you’ he gives me a small icy smile and walks away.

“Don’t worry about him, he’s just naturally like that” says Levi.

“Well, he’s an ass.”

“Yeah, yeah. So your extracurricular is I.T.? Wow. I never really did get computers.”

“It’s easy once you get the hang of them, really.”

“Right, I’ll take your word for it.” We’re walking outside the main building, and as we round a corner, a massive schoolyard, I guess, stretches in front of us. “Now, to continue our tour.”



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